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Our research interests, here at the SPriTE lab, are primarily in the areas of Information Assurance, Network Security and Privacy, with a special emphasis on the Security and Privacy of Wireless and Mobile networking systems and protocols. We conduct both fundamental and applied research in these areas.

Our current research goals are geared towards identifying and overcoming system security and user privacy threats in wireless networking systems such as, cellular, WiFi, wireless mesh, wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks, or any other system equipped with wireless communication capability (e.g., Wireless medical devices and Advanced Metering Infrastructure or Smart Meters). We have also recently started to investigate security/privacy issues in social-technical systems, such as online social networking and crowd sourcing systems (including participatory sensing systems), and wearable devices.

Our research methodology includes — (1) Formal problem and adversary modeling, solution design and analytical evaluation using well-grounded results from probability theory, graph theory, combinatorial optimization, cryptography and/or decision/control theory (2) Extensive empirical evaluation using network simulations, application prototyping, system development and/or test-bed deployment (3) Usability and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) studies, wherever applicable.

Current Wichita State University students can gain a quick insight into our activities by attending the weekly research seminars. Please contact Dr. Jadliwala to get a schedule of the weekly security/privacy research seminars.

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